How to Improve Manufacturing of Candle and Its Uses

These days, it is not a secret anymore that the market of candle is becoming more competitive. Both the retailers and the consumers are becoming more price sensitive on candles too. For the manufacturing companies to grow in the new market, they must possess an essential requirement which is to expand their product offering. By doing this strategy, it can help the company’s growth in two ways. First, the variety of products you are offering to your customers will grow and secondly, it can open new opportunities like additional customers who are not patronizing your products.

How to Improve Manufacturing of Candle and Its Uses

Nowadays, candle manufacturers are offering new type of candles to their consumers. The supermarkets are offering three or more departments offering candles, the hardware stores are carrying line of candles and even health and local stores offer candle products. With almost all kinds of stores are selling candles, it is evident that candles have become a vital part of the consumers for whatever purpose.

The increasing demand of candles makes it more advantageous to candle manufacturers. The key to making it through the market is to create new product lines as simple as creating new fragrances, new containers, new packaging or providing a wide array of sizes or shapes of pillars. The more popular sizes are octagons and squares. Not too long from now, the manufacturers are going to offer a candle wick made of aluminum ball that measures about 3 inches. This new offering in the future will surely create a great interest.

How to Improve Manufacturing of Candle and Its Uses

For manufacturers whose specialty is filling containers, try to offer a new look by using small pillar or votives. Since votives are expensive and most candle manufacturers are struggling to make the cost effective, they can offer it as a test or experimental product to introduce in the market. Other ways to expand product offering is to explore new products like venturing into natural wax candles, special quarts waxes, gel candle or reviving novelty candles that have been out of the market already.

These strategies are very unique; they can offer new opportunities for smaller candle manufacturers by utilizing their strong attributes like the ability to quickly respond to hot trends, capture the interest of the local market and fully utilize the abilities of the staff. One of the best examples is the emergence of gel candle. To be able to come up with new designs, the candle manufacturers can match the candles produced by local manufacturers or create beach designs, flower gel and fruit candles. Also, they can release new products based on popular local events. When expanding the product line, the manufacturers must be equipped with the necessary skills in order to develop quality products since each product line involves manufacturing requirements.

In stores or showrooms of the manufacturing companies, they must showcase the different uses of candles too. This is a marketing strategy to give consumers ideas on how to use the candles they buy. Show different settings such as a spa, bedroom or dining room. To help the manufacturing companies on how to showcase their products, here are some helpful tips to make each setting more comfortable and entertaining by following these simple tips:


Showcase that the consumers do not have to leave the house to enjoy the atmosphere of a spa. All they need is a candle to create a simple and spa looking bathroom with these simple ideas.

  • Place a small pillar candle on the candle plate that matches the color of the bathroom and add a vase with fresh cut flowers.
  • If the bathtub is bigger, decorate the ledges with short and tall pillar candle holders. However, if it is small, just place votive holders with tea lights or votives around the tub.


Bedroom is the perfect place to relax and rest, adding some candles can make it more relaxing. In the dresser, use a pillar candle to accent it, put decorative candle holders on the night stand and use a soy candle with lavender scent as it can help people to relax more. To have a more relaxing bedroom filled with lavender essence, light the candles thirty minutes before bedtime.

Dining Room

A dining room is never complete without the finest details like an excellent set dining wares, centrepiece and table linens. However, it is no secret that a candlelight dinner can make it even more romantic. By just simply adding taper candles on the dining table, they create an elegant aura not only to the dining area but the entire house. The best taper candle to use is unscented so that it cannot distract the fragrance of the food. Also, place the taper candles in the center of the table and add decorative items or use candelabra for more drama.

Finally, if the manufacturing companies would want to increase sales and stay longer in the market, they must be able to come up with new product lines aside from their main products. Also, make sure that even if you are offering new products, the quality must always be on top of the priority.

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