How to Encourage and Foster Good Energy In The Home

The development of stable and positive character traits must directly flow from one’s spiritual growth. Attempting to train your child to become good is relatively meaningless and will have a limited success if your child does not have a personal relationship with the Creator and vague understanding of God’s justice and love.

How to Encourage and Foster Good Energy In The Home

A child can always make the right spiritual choices when the parents are around but the most important factor is when nobody is looking or when your child goes to college independently. Virtuous character traits and spiritual maturity cannot be learned and instilled into your children by conducting lectures, they are holistically and naturally developed by the quality of life they live and healthy relationships experienced at home.

Most of the parents are asking about the character traits that must be aimed to develop and encourage children through parental example and to effectively use teachable moments that are unscheduled. The checklist enumerated below shows some of the most valuable traits that must be developed by your children to foster and encourage good energy at home.

  • Courage – This trait is more than what superheroes do. The children must understand that courage is an essential part of their everyday life. It has a wide scope, it may mean having a self-confidence to solve a difficult but a worthy project or a situation that they can easily say no to peer pressures or it is as simple as being courteous or friendly to other people around them even if they do not like it.
  • Determination – When your children develop determination, this will help them avoid becoming a pessimist. Also, it will help them equip with indispensable knowledge, they will perceive struggles as necessary building blocks to achieve what they desire in the future. In return, they will concentrate more on realistic goals at the same time prepare for the challenges lying ahead.
  • Fidelity and Chastity – These traits are very rare nowadays both for adults and young people. For this, it is very important for parents to install in their children the importance of preserving oneself for the right person in the future rather than involve in sexual activities before or outside marriage. The children must also understand that there are serious consequences when they are involved in un-consented and immoral sexual acts such as diseases and transmitted infections, early pregnancies and the pain they have to endure when their hearts are broken.
  • Honesty – This kind of virtue is not often rewarded in the present culture but this is a bedrock virtue. Without honesty, all the children’s most valuable relationships are going to be compromised. They must be taught that being honest is very critical in all interactions with the people around them.
  • Humility – It is developed when the children are fully aware of their strengths as well as weaknesses. Also, it means submission and most importantly, being humble gives a motivation to every child to become dependent to the Heavenly Father.
  • Friendliness and Kindness – These traits must be presented to the children as admirable as and far more important than toughness. They must be taught that it is better to understand rather than confront and become gentle towards those who are weaker or younger because these are signs of strength and not being a coward.
  • Love – According to the Bible, the virtue that surpasses and encompasses all other virtues is love. The parents must teach their children the true essence of love and how to express it not only with their families or friends but including their enemies.
  • Loyalty and Dependability – These are essential to become effective and successful in every aspect of life. A commitment or promise must be honoured. If your children understand loyalty and dependability, they will become reliable and can stand alone. In return, they will be blessed and trusted with more opportunities all throughout their lives.
How to Encourage and Foster Good Energy In The Home

This list defines the starting point on how to mould your children to grow up with the fear of the Heavenly Father. This is the basic foundation to have a good energy at home.

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