Creating the Perfect Display

candles-displayIf you’re as into candles as we are (and we hope you are!) you know that having the right display to show your candles can make all the difference.  Because of this, we though it’d be good to talk about some options you can use to take your display to the next level.
Table Cloths – probably the most obvious, but table cloths can turn a ugly table and/or display into something beautiful very quickly and doesn’t cost much at all.  Depending on the size of your table you’ll want to make sure you size accordingly.  Also, if you’re going to invest in some table cloths opt for something better quality like a spun polyester.  There’s nothing worse then investing in a better display only for it to look cheap.  Spun poly will last quite a bit longer anyway and has much better color retention.

Table Skirting – A step up from just a table cloth is a table skirt.  These are commonly seen at wedding surround the serving tables and head table.  They provide a more elegant look as they’re pleated and wrap around the table.  If you decided to go this route keep in mind you’ll still need a table cloth and additionally table skirting clips to attach the skirt.

Trade Show Table Covers – these are our favorite because they’re the simplest and provide the best look for the amount of effort required.  While the name implies they’re for trade shows, that’s only because it’s the most common application.  Ultimately these are table covers that cover an entire 6 or 8ft banquet table to the floor without seems or wrinkles (depending where you buy them – we recommend the link above as the quality seems the best there).

Now that you have your table/station covered, you can use your imagination to setup the rest with your handles!  We thought the picture provided was a very unique idea but really the possibilities are endless.  Either way, keep loving those candles!

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