Creating the Perfect Display

candles-displayIf you’re as into candles as we are (and we hope you are!) you know that having the right display to show your candles can make all the difference.  Because of this, we though it’d be good to talk about some options you can use to take your display to the next level.
Table Cloths – probably the most obvious, but table cloths can turn a ugly table and/or display into something beautiful very quickly and doesn’t cost much at all.  Depending on the size of your table you’ll want to make sure you size accordingly.  Also, if you’re going to invest in some table cloths opt for something better quality like a spun polyester.  There’s nothing worse then investing in a better display only for it to look cheap.  Spun poly will last quite a bit longer anyway and has much better color retention.

Table Skirting – A step up from just a table cloth is a table skirt.  These are commonly seen at wedding surround the serving tables and head table.  They provide a more elegant look as they’re pleated and wrap around the table.  If you decided to go this route keep in mind you’ll still need a table cloth and additionally table skirting clips to attach the skirt.

Trade Show Table Covers – these are our favorite because they’re the simplest and provide the best look for the amount of effort required.  While the name implies they’re for trade shows, that’s only because it’s the most common application.  Ultimately these are table covers that cover an entire 6 or 8ft banquet table to the floor without seems or wrinkles (depending where you buy them – we recommend the link above as the quality seems the best there).

Now that you have your table/station covered, you can use your imagination to setup the rest with your handles!  We thought the picture provided was a very unique idea but really the possibilities are endless.  Either way, keep loving those candles!

Norway Hill Candles

Norway Hill Candles is a distinct company that offers candles which are delightfully aromatic, distinctive colors, eco-friendly and highly fragrant scents. Each candle is made of lead free and natural wicks, this makes the Norway Hill Candles stands out from the rest of its competitors in the market.

Norway Hill Candles

They use quality dyes and premium fragrance oils which are mixed in small batches to ensure high quality finished products. The company wants to bring into the market unique characteristics of candles, softer and creamier in appearance. Also, the contraction and expansion of the candles create a variety of designs on their surfaces. On the other hand, the slight discoloration and natural markings may appear on the candles’ surface but rest-assured, the quality is not affected. To maintain their quality, there is a proper storage, they must be placed in a dry and cool place and never expose them to direct sunlight to avoid fading.

The company lives with its goals and objectives, to provide the consumers with the most unique and creative candles yet still serves their purpose. They have a wide array of fragrance collections, products that vary depending on the season and those that can cater to the daily needs of each household, businesses or recreational places.

Norway Hill Candles

Today, the market is overwhelmed with so many varieties of candles. In fact, it has been observed that more changes happened in the previous years than in the last 100 years. Individuals and companies like the Norway Hill Candles have accessorized the operation so that the whole process will be much easier and to cater to the growing demands. Some of the developments made in the early years are not really revolutionary but it made the manufacturing of candles easier. For example, the developments of blended waxes and pre-wick assembly.

At Norway Hill Candles, the company has made it even simpler through the introduction of customizing the wick with no additional charges. With the use of the customized wick builder, the customers can choose the materials which are made of the highest quality. Also, they offer the luxury that everyone desires at a competitive price.

Norway Hill Candles

Other innovations created and developed by the company are the votive pins, glue dots, color buttons and blended wax. Each product showcasing these innovations can make life easier when consumers use candles. To enjoy the candles offered by Norway Hill Candles, it is also important to have a complete accessory such as the wick bars, pouring pots and thermometer. These tools can help every consumer have more attractive and smoother looking candles.

These and many more are offered by the company that makes sure that each product launched are well thought of, no less than the Norway Hill Candles.

How to Encourage and Foster Good Energy In The Home

The development of stable and positive character traits must directly flow from one’s spiritual growth. Attempting to train your child to become good is relatively meaningless and will have a limited success if your child does not have a personal relationship with the Creator and vague understanding of God’s justice and love.

How to Encourage and Foster Good Energy In The Home

A child can always make the right spiritual choices when the parents are around but the most important factor is when nobody is looking or when your child goes to college independently. Virtuous character traits and spiritual maturity cannot be learned and instilled into your children by conducting lectures, they are holistically and naturally developed by the quality of life they live and healthy relationships experienced at home.

Most of the parents are asking about the character traits that must be aimed to develop and encourage children through parental example and to effectively use teachable moments that are unscheduled. The checklist enumerated below shows some of the most valuable traits that must be developed by your children to foster and encourage good energy at home.

  • Courage – This trait is more than what superheroes do. The children must understand that courage is an essential part of their everyday life. It has a wide scope, it may mean having a self-confidence to solve a difficult but a worthy project or a situation that they can easily say no to peer pressures or it is as simple as being courteous or friendly to other people around them even if they do not like it.
  • Determination – When your children develop determination, this will help them avoid becoming a pessimist. Also, it will help them equip with indispensable knowledge, they will perceive struggles as necessary building blocks to achieve what they desire in the future. In return, they will concentrate more on realistic goals at the same time prepare for the challenges lying ahead.
  • Fidelity and Chastity – These traits are very rare nowadays both for adults and young people. For this, it is very important for parents to install in their children the importance of preserving oneself for the right person in the future rather than involve in sexual activities before or outside marriage. The children must also understand that there are serious consequences when they are involved in un-consented and immoral sexual acts such as diseases and transmitted infections, early pregnancies and the pain they have to endure when their hearts are broken.
  • Honesty – This kind of virtue is not often rewarded in the present culture but this is a bedrock virtue. Without honesty, all the children’s most valuable relationships are going to be compromised. They must be taught that being honest is very critical in all interactions with the people around them.
  • Humility – It is developed when the children are fully aware of their strengths as well as weaknesses. Also, it means submission and most importantly, being humble gives a motivation to every child to become dependent to the Heavenly Father.
  • Friendliness and Kindness – These traits must be presented to the children as admirable as and far more important than toughness. They must be taught that it is better to understand rather than confront and become gentle towards those who are weaker or younger because these are signs of strength and not being a coward.
  • Love – According to the Bible, the virtue that surpasses and encompasses all other virtues is love. The parents must teach their children the true essence of love and how to express it not only with their families or friends but including their enemies.
  • Loyalty and Dependability – These are essential to become effective and successful in every aspect of life. A commitment or promise must be honoured. If your children understand loyalty and dependability, they will become reliable and can stand alone. In return, they will be blessed and trusted with more opportunities all throughout their lives.
How to Encourage and Foster Good Energy In The Home

This list defines the starting point on how to mould your children to grow up with the fear of the Heavenly Father. This is the basic foundation to have a good energy at home.

How to Improve Manufacturing of Candle and Its Uses

These days, it is not a secret anymore that the market of candle is becoming more competitive. Both the retailers and the consumers are becoming more price sensitive on candles too. For the manufacturing companies to grow in the new market, they must possess an essential requirement which is to expand their product offering. By doing this strategy, it can help the company’s growth in two ways. First, the variety of products you are offering to your customers will grow and secondly, it can open new opportunities like additional customers who are not patronizing your products.

How to Improve Manufacturing of Candle and Its Uses

Nowadays, candle manufacturers are offering new type of candles to their consumers. The supermarkets are offering three or more departments offering candles, the hardware stores are carrying line of candles and even health and local stores offer candle products. With almost all kinds of stores are selling candles, it is evident that candles have become a vital part of the consumers for whatever purpose.

The increasing demand of candles makes it more advantageous to candle manufacturers. The key to making it through the market is to create new product lines as simple as creating new fragrances, new containers, new packaging or providing a wide array of sizes or shapes of pillars. The more popular sizes are octagons and squares. Not too long from now, the manufacturers are going to offer a candle wick made of aluminum ball that measures about 3 inches. This new offering in the future will surely create a great interest.

How to Improve Manufacturing of Candle and Its Uses

For manufacturers whose specialty is filling containers, try to offer a new look by using small pillar or votives. Since votives are expensive and most candle manufacturers are struggling to make the cost effective, they can offer it as a test or experimental product to introduce in the market. Other ways to expand product offering is to explore new products like venturing into natural wax candles, special quarts waxes, gel candle or reviving novelty candles that have been out of the market already.

These strategies are very unique; they can offer new opportunities for smaller candle manufacturers by utilizing their strong attributes like the ability to quickly respond to hot trends, capture the interest of the local market and fully utilize the abilities of the staff. One of the best examples is the emergence of gel candle. To be able to come up with new designs, the candle manufacturers can match the candles produced by local manufacturers or create beach designs, flower gel and fruit candles. Also, they can release new products based on popular local events. When expanding the product line, the manufacturers must be equipped with the necessary skills in order to develop quality products since each product line involves manufacturing requirements.

In stores or showrooms of the manufacturing companies, they must showcase the different uses of candles too. This is a marketing strategy to give consumers ideas on how to use the candles they buy. Show different settings such as a spa, bedroom or dining room. To help the manufacturing companies on how to showcase their products, here are some helpful tips to make each setting more comfortable and entertaining by following these simple tips:


Showcase that the consumers do not have to leave the house to enjoy the atmosphere of a spa. All they need is a candle to create a simple and spa looking bathroom with these simple ideas.

  • Place a small pillar candle on the candle plate that matches the color of the bathroom and add a vase with fresh cut flowers.
  • If the bathtub is bigger, decorate the ledges with short and tall pillar candle holders. However, if it is small, just place votive holders with tea lights or votives around the tub.


Bedroom is the perfect place to relax and rest, adding some candles can make it more relaxing. In the dresser, use a pillar candle to accent it, put decorative candle holders on the night stand and use a soy candle with lavender scent as it can help people to relax more. To have a more relaxing bedroom filled with lavender essence, light the candles thirty minutes before bedtime.

Dining Room

A dining room is never complete without the finest details like an excellent set dining wares, centrepiece and table linens. However, it is no secret that a candlelight dinner can make it even more romantic. By just simply adding taper candles on the dining table, they create an elegant aura not only to the dining area but the entire house. The best taper candle to use is unscented so that it cannot distract the fragrance of the food. Also, place the taper candles in the center of the table and add decorative items or use candelabra for more drama.

Finally, if the manufacturing companies would want to increase sales and stay longer in the market, they must be able to come up with new product lines aside from their main products. Also, make sure that even if you are offering new products, the quality must always be on top of the priority.

Manufacturing Process and Uses of Candles

The manufacturing process of a candle involves three steps; first, preparing the wick, second, preparing the wax base and the last step is extrusion or continuous moulding of the finished product. To give you an understanding of the process, this article is going to give information on each step and the practical uses of candles.

Preparing the Wick

Generally, the wick is made of linen or cotton and they are braided and treated with inorganic salt solutions or chemicals to allow it to bend at an angle of 90 degrees when burned. This is the angle that must be achieved when preparing the wick to make sure that the end stays in the flame’s outer mantle and causes to shorten naturally. During this process, the wick must be treated, otherwise it will burn faster. In forming the candle, one of the methods used is extruding the wax with the use of a dye depending on the shape desired. To place the wick at the center, a wick bobbin must be used so that the wax will be formed around the wick.

Preparing the Wax Base

In preparing the wax base, the wax is going to be heated and melted in a clear huge metal kettle. This is a crucial step because when the wax is melted through direct flame, the color will become dark or it may contain small bits of carbon char. The next step is to filter the molten wax so that impurities will be removed. If not, they cannot interfere when the burning process begins. During this time, dyes or perfumes are added. The manufacturing of wax is under a strict purity standard, this is the reason why companies filter their wax to make sure the finished product conforms to the quality standards.

Moulding the Candle

The manufacturing of candles is mainly performed by machines with continuous moulding but manual machines are still used by some companies nowadays. The machines are designed with continuous moulding so that the manufacturing of candles is going to be in groups, usually ranging from 50-500 each load. In making the candle, the entire process takes about 30 minutes each load. Before pouring the wax, the wick is pulled from the tip. The moulds are made of tin and the interior surfaces are polished and slightly tapered so that the finished candle is going to be easier to eject. When the candles are ejected, they are cooled above the temperature of the melting point and then poured in the moulding table placed above the moulds to allow the wicks to thread in the moulds for the next load. After, the wicks are going to be snipped and will start a new process again. The excess wax is trimmed, collected and will be re-used.

From the very start, candles are used not only to give light but to tell time. Back then, the candles serve to measure time but the accuracy is still debatable until now. However, some candles can tell the time, usually in hours. Generally, candles have practical uses, they are:

Manufacturing Process and Uses of Candles


The electric lights’ intensity is usually given in candlepower. This type of measurement started a long time ago but an ordinary candle cannot tell the accurate standard and the intensity unit is defined in different ways. Originally, candlepower is defined as a luminous intensity of the candle’s horizontal direction at a specified burning size and rate. Today, Candlepower is called Candela, it measures the bulb’s intensity of light which is measured with the use of the bulb.

Household Emergency

In many survival items, supply of candles is always included. However, there is proper handling when using them, there must be proper candle holders, place them away from flammable materials and keep them away from children or pets to avoid untoward accidents. Always remember to never leave them unattended.

Manufacturing Process and Uses of Candles

Mosquito Repellent

With so many varieties of candles that can be bought, from the most ordinary to the most creative, there are candles that are specially made to repel mosquitoes. These candles are made of citronella which is proven to keep away mosquitoes. They are placed in the backyard or even inside the house. A study was made to prove the effectiveness of citronella candles than the ordinary ones. The results showed that people using the citronella candles had fewer bites by about 42% while the ordinary one registered only 23% less bites.

Manufacturing Process and Uses of Candles

The manufacturing of candles involves a simple process but it needs the necessary skills and knowledge to come up with quality candles that must conform to the standards set by the industry.

Developing Good Energy in the Home

Each individual has a choice at every moment of his life, either to be resistant or at peace. The most ideal choice is to be at peace as this will attract positive energy while becoming resistant creates negative vibes and it will definitely reflect on the person’s whole being. The choice is very simple yet a lot of people are unconsciously choosing to live a life of full of negativity.

In creating negative energy or stress, you cannot blame anyone, it is not your parents, spouse, colleagues, boss or even the traffic but it is your perception that is creating damage. Circumstances are inevitable and they are neutral. You will be able to develop good energy within yourself and this will radiate in your home if your inner state is congruent and aligned.

To develop a good energy at home, you must be in touch with stillness and inner peace.

Start the Day with Meditation

Any kind of meditation will be helpful but it is better to make it simple. All you need to do is to practice the kind of meditation that makes you aware of yourself. You do not need to do the traditional meditation posture like to become strident, just relax and feel the consciousness of your presence amidst the emotions and thoughts. This is a powerful meditation that helps you create good energy and positive vibes all throughout the body.

Developing Good Energy in the Home

Treat Everyone As You Want To Be Treated

When you hold grudges and do not know how to let go, your day will be easily ruined. You must acknowledge the fact that everything in this world is one even if everyone is uniquely created. Seeing others as you see yourself or treating them as you treat yourself creates positive feelings and will not develop negative ones. As a result, you can attract positive responses from your family, friends, officemates or even strangers.

Developing Good Energy in the Home

Let Go Of Those You Cannot Control

The nature of life is change and it is a flux. This means that the more you resist of someone or something, you will suffer more. When you are trying to control a situation about your life, you will be more stressed out, in effect, it can develop negative energy. In your home, let go of the things or behaviour that you cannot control. Take time to understand one another and how the circumstances they are facing can affect how they live. This way, you will be able to have a harmonious and understanding home filled with love. Remember, people who surrender and stay relaxed are the ones who generate positive energy; they can attract life’s grace.

See the Positive Side In Every Situation

The good and the bad ones are just perceptions which are created with a mind that is conditioned. However, in reality, every situation in life is actually pure grace and a revelation of one truth, this is called energy, spirit or god. Seeing each situation with innocence is the key to reveal grace.

Developing Good Energy in the Home

Developing a good energy at home must start within the parents, they must be able to show what love, care and understanding truly mean by becoming role models to their children. They must breathe in and breathe out good values to develop good energy within the home.